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  • Is epoxy scratch and heat resistant?

    Epoxy can be scratched. We apply a protective top coat that is scratch and heat resistant. We still suggest you treat epoxy like a high-end counter/floor.

  • Does epoxy have a strong odor? Is it toxic for my family or pets?

    All epoxy does give off an odor. However, the product we use (Leggari) is very low-odor. It is safe to be around for your family and pets. However, it’s very sticky and we suggest keeping pets and children away until it cures.

  • How long is the process for applying epoxy?

    The process is typically 2-3 days (depending on prep).

    The first day is prep, including removal of sink, moving applicances, removing any backsplash boards, sanding, placing tape and plastice to protect the surrounding area, cabinets, floors, etc.

    Usually, we’ll do the primer and epoxy application in the first day.

    We try to wait as close to 24 hours as possible before applying the protective top coat.

  • How long after application before we can use our counters/floors?

    The epoxy takes a week to FULLY cure. We use a “24 hour” rule.

    After 24 hours, counters and floors are ready for LIGHT use. You can touch and use counters or walk on floors. DO NOT place heavy items or drag anything across surface until it has fully cured.

    For kitchen counters, you’ll be without your sink for a week.

  • How long does the epoxy coating last?

    The manufacturer of our product (Leggari) gives a life-time guarantee on flaking or delaminating.

    Home&Castle offers a 6 mo. warranty on our application of the product. Short Answer: Our epoxy is for the LIFE OF YOUR HOME.

Ask About Our Warranty

We offer a six-month warranty for all of our epoxy countertops and floors! Just reach out now to learn more.